Web sites and web applications are still the go to exposure medium for businesses, brands and individuals. Whether the site promotes the entity itself or its set of products and services, if done wrong it can omit a lot of conversion, decrease retention and lose potential customers. Web on mobile has grown to a fact, thinking mobile first has proven to be a successful concept. Responsive design principals along with frameworks has increased the productivity of development teams, and the agile way of working has made management and development teams more adaptive to change of priority from, sometimes, a moment to another.

Our awesome developers understand these factors and their implications. With their creativity, problem solving abilities and experience they will help you and guide you to get closer to your vision.

Even though the cloud can be applied to almost everyone and every use case, it's not always an option due to perhaps the structure of the business, rules and regulations applied to the line of business or the market, the connectivity of the end users or privacy requirements. In today's mobile first, cloud first and tomorrows AI first world, no matter how little, all valuable applications are utilizing the cloud. It can be the push notifications to your native mobile apps, it could be the email service that your company or end users use, basically it's hard to escape it. And why would you? The great possibilities offered by the providers, at a scalable price, enables growing your business and reacting to major user peaks, a breeze. The cloud provides out of the box security, scalability, availability, hardware and software with low maintainability but greatly customizable.

Our knowledgeable developers and cloud architects can assist you in making good choices no matter if you are creating new products and services or moving existing ones to the cloud. We help you analyze your situation, the benefits, risks and compliance requirements to select the best solution. Further we assist you with development for the cloud, practice of DevOps and agile way of working. We simply lift you up to the clouds and make sure you never crash.



Most of your clients own a smart phone, most of your future clients will own a smart phone soon. The market for smart phones keep growing, as previously undeveloped markets start to advance in technology and economy. The more smart phone's the more app users, the math is simple. Creating a killer app that scales well, is gorgeous, drives conversion, motivates retention and has low maintenance cost is a popular dream. Creating apps today has it challenges, but at the same time it has never been easier. There are multiple ways to develop for the most popular platforms. Apps can be developed for a specific native platform by either using its own set of tools and languages, utilize frameworks and web technologies or using vast code sharing between the platforms as a hybrid of the first two examples.

Our creative developers master these different techniques and help you select the most suitable solution to make your ideas come to life. They have an instinct for look and feel. They can guide you, with feedback and tools, to bring your app, ideas and the user experience to the next competitive level.